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The wormwood truth

Джерело: Читач Андрій Сєров (pdf)
Розділ: Публіцистика
Твір додано: 01.08.2010
Твір змінено: 17.11.2010
Завантажити: pdf див. (583.5 КБ)
Опис: Ancient lore tells us about a captured Cuman boy who was raised at the princely court in Kyiv. He was visited by a Cuman bard who, through word and song, told the boy about his true homeland. But it was all for naught. The bard then produced a pouch of wormwood, whose scent startled the boy and aroused in him new spiritual strength and a thirst for freedom. The wormwood truth awaked the boy’s sense of true identity.

The present volume contains Ievhen Sverstiuk’s collected papers, mostly read by the author at international forums.The papers address questions regarding Ukrainian identity in cultural phenomena and post-communist reality. As much as for centuries Ukraine was shielded from world attention (hiding its internal truth and hurt), the papers were mainly aimed at providing a voice to the hidden and muted truth about Ukrainian cultural identity, upon whose basis a dialogue with the free world could be formed. Because, for the spiritual world, truth and its cousin justice are the gold and diamonds of the material world.

The book is intended for wide range of the readers.
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