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Ukraine: A History, 4 ed (вид. 2009)

Написано: 2009 року
Розділ: Історична
Твір додано: 15.06.2015
Твір змінено: 13.11.2015
Завантажити: Файли вилучено з бібліотеки на запит власника авторських прав.
Опис: Ukraine: A History, 4 edition by Orest Subtelny
English | 2009 | ISBN: 1442640162, 1442609915 | 888 pages

In 1988, the first edition of Orest Subtelny's Ukraine was published to international acclaim, as the definitive history of what was at that time a republic in the USSR. In the years since, the world has seen the dismantling of the Soviet bloc and the restoration of Ukraine's independence - an event celebrated by Ukrainians around the world but which also heralded a time of tumultuous change for those in the homeland.

While previous updates brought readers up to the year 2000, this new fourth edition includes an overview of Ukraine's most recent history, focusing on the dramatic political, socio-economic, and cultural changes that occurred during the Kuchma and Yushchenko presidencies. It analyzes political developments - particularly the so-called Orange Revolution - and the institutional growth of the new state. Subtelny examines Ukraine's entry into the era of globalization, looking at social and economic transformations, regional, ideological, and linguistic tensions, and describes the myriad challenges currently facing Ukrainian state and society.
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