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Good-Bye Brezhnev! (збірка) (англ.)

Написано: 2009 року
Розділ: Художня
Твір додано: 29.03.2020
Твір змінено: 20.05.2022
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Опис: One of the youngest European literatures – Ukrainian – is also the most surprising. The writers in their 20s and 30s have already managed to conquer the attention of Polish and German readers and one novel by Lviv’s author Natalja Snjadanko made it to the TOP-10 in Poland.
The literary process in Ukraine has its own peculiarities. You can often see young novelists and poets performing on concert and club stages together with Ukrainian rock- and jazz-musicians. Every year more and more literary festivals are organized by enthusiasts in the remotest towns and big cities of Ukraine. Texts that outrage representatives of older literary generation have young readers and listeners shouting for more. Sergiy Zhadan, Irena Karpa and Ljubko Deresh in spite of their youth are already cult fi gures in the new literature and are now known outside Ukraine, while other young Ukrainian literary stars are actually living and writing abroad, namely Katherina Khinkulova and Svitlana Pyrkalo, who live in London. Ukrainian young literature has crossed the boarders in all senses. You can fi nd works by new Ukrainian authors in translations into many languages, but their further success and actual presence in contemporary world literature depends also on YOU, on YOUR curiosity! Please, be curious and I guarantee you will be surprised, entertained and provoked into thought by everything that you will fi nd in NEW UKRAINIAN LITERATURE.

ISBN 978-966-95470-2-6
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