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Air Force Vision 2035 (англ.)

Розділ: Наукова
Твір додано: 15.06.2021
Твір змінено: 09.09.2021
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Опис: The Air Force Vision 2035 is a long-term defense planning document which was developed based on the Vision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is intended to identify rational ways for the development of the Air Force by 2035 and to generate baseline data for the State Program of Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through 2025, the Air Force Development Program, and other defense planning documents. It defines the Air Force's mission and tasks within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, challenges and threats to national security (including in the air), a description of the operational environment in which the Air Force will execute its tasks, and the target development model and requirements for needed capabilities with an assessment of resources requirements.

This Vision was developed within the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the involvement of representatives and experts from the Kharkiv National Air Force University, National Defense University of Ukraine, structural units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other services of the Armed Forces, and international partners and advisers. The head of the working group was Lieutenant General Arkadii Vashutin and the project coordinators were Colonel Artem Antonov and Colonel Oleg Bilous.

The team’s work was inspired by the OODA loop concept (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), developed by military pilot and strategist John Richard Boyd. It was formulated as a tactical concept for air combat, but due to its comprehensiveness, it was quickly adapted and scaled for all command and control processes within highly competitive environments. Its correct implementation allows, by taking advantage of the speed and quality of command decision making, gaining advantages over a more powerful but less flexible opponent. The one who studies and analyzes the situation in advance is the first to make and implement a decision, and as a rule prevails both in the air and in life, as one's opponent remains one step behind, responding to a situation that has already changed.
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