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Azov Phenomenon. How Ukrainian Neo-Nazis became Influential Political Force (англ.)

Написано: 2017 року
Розділ: Публіцистика
Додав: Scaramuccia
Твір додано: 24.06.2019
Твір змінено: 24.06.2019
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Опис: Warning!!! This book is an instrument of Moscow anti-Ukrainian propaganda!

There were the days when participants of right-wing and neo-Nazi groups in the Ukraine were marginal ones, being expelled to the edge of political and social life. Everything changed in 2014, during the so-called “Revolution of Dignity”. Ukrainian neo-Nazis gained money and weapon, they were given official status as Army, Police and Special Forces units, they got representatives in the Parliament. The history of “Azov” — notorious neo-Nazi detachment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine — became an image of such transformation. “Azov” offsprings hold leading offices in Ukrainian Police, raise the youth in neo-Nazi ideology encirclement, effectively expand their representation on the Ukrainian political field and getting ready for the struggle for power. This report is devoted to the process of Ukrainian nationalists becoming influential political power.
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