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Symon Petliura and the Jews: A Reappraisal (англ.)

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Написано: 2008 року
Джерело: ukrbiblioteka.org
Розділ: Історична
Твір додано: 18.11.2012
Твір змінено: 28.04.2014
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Опис: The book Symon Petliura and the Jews is based on the author's article of the same title which originally appeared in 1969 in The Jewish Social Studies as well as his "Letter to the Editors" published in the above journal a year later. Both works deal with the years 1917-1921, a complex period in the history of Ukraine intertwined with confrontations between various ethnic groups particularly the Jews and the Ukrainians. As a result there emerged certain stereotypes which to this day remain as obstacles to the normal relations between the two nations. The primary target of the undocumented accusations for alleged crimes against the Jewish people was Symon Petliura, the Head of the Ukrainian Government in 1919-1921. The book proves that nothing could be further from the truth. Even in his youth, Petliura was a supporter of the Jews who were fighing for their rights. When he became a political leader fighting for the Ukrainian cause Petliura continued to support the rights of the minorities in Ukraine, particulary those of the Jewish people.
The documents added to the second edition of the book demonstrate that not only Petliura but the entire Ukrainian Government had a democratic and humanitarian attitude toward the people of Ukraine, irrespective of their nationality or religion. The best example of this attitude is the "Law on National-Personal Autonomy" of the national minorities of Ukraine passed by the Central Council of Ukraine on January 22, 1918.
The Addendum contains the information on the latest research and publications on Petliura as well as the new documentation found in the archives of the former Soviet Union, hitherto inaccessible.
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Петлюра Симон
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