«Holodomor Studies» » Vol 2. №01 (англ.)
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Vol 2. №01 (англ.)

Написано: 2010 року
Розділ: Історична
Твір додано: 09.08.2013
Твір змінено: 12.11.2015
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Опис: Political and scholarly discussions of the Ukrainian tragedy of the early 1930s traditionally focus on the starvation of the peasants and treat the event as a particular genocide against the Ukrainians or a phase in Stalin’s war against the Soviet peasants. However, the Ukrainian famine was part of a wider Ukrainian catastrophe that affected not only the peasants of Ukraine but the whole Ukrainian ethnic group in the USSR. Consequently, it is not enough to examine the relations of the Soviet regime with its peasants, especially if the discussion includes the issue of genocide. A key aspect of the situation was the rapport between the different levels of state authority.
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