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Re-imagining Ukrainian Canadians: History, Politics, and Identity (англ.)

Написано: 2011 року
Розділ: Наукова
Твір додано: 02.08.2016
Твір змінено: 02.08.2016
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Опис: Re-imagining Ukrainian Canadians : History, Politics, and Identity. Edited by Rhonda L. Hinther and Jim Mochoruk. (Canadian Social History Series.) - Toronto-Buffalo-London: University of Toronto Press, 2011. - 482 pp.

Ukrainian immigrants to Canada have often been portrayed in history as sturdy pioneer farmers cultivating the virgin land of the Canadian west. The essays in this collection challenge this stereotype by examining the varied experiences of Ukrainian Canadians in their day-today roles as writers, intellectuals, national organizers, working-class wage earners, and inhabitants of cities and towns. Throughout, the contributors remain dedicated to promoting the study of ethnic, hyphenated histories as major currents in mainstream Canadian history.

Topics explored include Ukrainian-Canadian radicalism, the consequences of the Cold War for Ukrainians both at home and abroad, the creation and maintenance of ethnic memories, and community discord embodied by pro-Nazis, Communists, and criminals. "Re-Imagining Ukrainian Canadians" uses new sources and non traditional methods of analysis to answer unstudied and often controversial questions within the field. Collectively, the essays challenge the older, essentialist definition of what it means to be Ukrainian Canadian.

Кhonda l. hinther is the Western Canadian History curator at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
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